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The 7 Guidelines

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7 Elements of Digital Story Telling


1.    Point of View


a.    What’s the point?

b.    What’s the message?

c.    Who’s the audience?

d.    What do I want them to walk away with?

e.    Who is the story for?

f.    Almost any story is about a transformation – a change has to occur

g.    Written in the first person for most impact.


2.    Emotional Content


a.    Sad, funny

b.    Tell something that matters to me.

c.    Has to be clear on why it’s important to me.

d.    Storyteller has to care.

e.    Share the importance.


3.    Story Arc


a.    Something has to happen = story


i.    Question > Events > Realization  > One point of view > Events > Point of view Changes

ii.    Kernel, start with a moment the message will come.

iii.    Tell what you are getting as well as giving.

iv.    Story prompts


1.    I come from

2.    I remember a time

3.    Person who influenced how I feel about learning



4.    Voice


a.    Important emotional part, should sound conversational not read

5.    Soundtrack


a.    Music, Sound effects

b.    Words of music can also tell story

c.    Lyrics need to match story, not compete

d.    Music gives information about the actions, sets the tone and mood – make conscious choices


6.    Pacing


a.    Needs to change


i.    By Speaking, pausing, stopping

ii.    Let text do the talking

iii.    Use of zoom to add intensity


7.    Economy


a.    Use of media to illustrate text – make choices – let media be your voice


i.    Literal – direct illustration

ii.    Symbolic – metaphorical/figurative

b.    Less is more – “A picture is worth a thousand words!”


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